We want to create a world where

Credit is a means to a greater objective,
helping savers and borrowers achieve greater goals, so that…

Companies can profitably deepen their relationships with their clients and suppliers by quickly and efficiently providing them with credit.

For Partners ->

Savers have transparent access to secure investments in private debt, helping them prepare for the future.

For Investors ->

Borrowers have easy access to sustainable, well-designed credit products to support their growth and prosperity.

Para Borrowers ->

Alongside our partners and investors, we are building a system that connects those who have capital with those who would like to borrow it.

Captalys creates digital technologies and offers managed services vital to a transparent, secure and aligned private credit supply chain that improves the flow of capital from investors, through their representatives, to borrowers, through a diverse set of partners.

Our technology platform is the foundation of Captalys’ pioneering business model.

Part of the Two Sigma Community

Born of a melding of New York’s tech and banking heritage, Two Sigma comprises over 1,100 people with diverse backgrounds who believe the scientific method is the most effective approach to investing, venture capital, insurance, and more. Captalys is proud to be part of this community.

Great ideas do not come out of a vacuum. Great ideas come from being exposed to a bunch of good ideas. Great ideas come from being exposed to a set of problems and challenges.
David Sigel, co-fundador e co-presidente da Two Sigma Investiments

Captalys core values

We believe we can make a difference. We believe that credit is a connecting social force that can have a profound positive impact on economic development, and we are motivated to maximize that potential.

Credit as a common good

Understand our vision of how credit is a connecting force that contributes to economic growth and social development.


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