Better credit portfolios

Better credit portfolios

Control exactly who owes what with our technology solutions
designed specifically for private credit assets.

Digital credit assignment and custody

Digital technology that enables secure and enforceable seamless digital credit assignment to any investor or investment vehicle and electronic custody over the lifetime of the asset.

Cash reconciliation

Keep track of individual payments seamlessly

Back-up servicing

Guarantee seamless servicing in any scenario.

Collateral management

Actively monitor and manage collateral, from receivables to real estate for asset-backed credit products.


Portofio profit and loss numbers provided in accordance with local and multiple international accounting standards.

Past-due master servicing

Access a broad range of past-due servicing options aligned with your collections strategy for optimal performance and the lowest possible cost.


Impact investing via Private Debt

When analyzing trends in global capital market, one of the most interesting recent developments…

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The next generation of credit

At Captalys, we tend to look at credit in a historical perspective to try…

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Credit as a common good

In the much talked-about book, Sapiens, Yuval Nah Harari quite successfully attempts to provide…

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Beyond payments

Over the years, the way we think about the best way to make a…

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