Get closer to your business community

Strengthen your comercial relationships by offering credit to your clients or suppliers.

Captalys empowers companies to offer credit by providing customized credit solutions, comprehensive managed services and smart integrations that power credit operations, reduce costs and provide an excellent customer experience.

Our products and services can be mixed and matched to meet any of our client’s needs. We provide ready-to-be-deployed off-the-shelf products or can work with you to create a custom offering designed specifically to meet the needs of your business community.

Plug and play “Powered by”

For clients looking to differentiate their principal product offering, add addtional value for their clients and generate additional revenues, Captalys offers ready-to-deploy credit products. Offered as a “powered by” solution so clients can incorporate their own brand look and feel.

Tools and services

Clients that wish to both offer and invest in credit provided to their clients (or arrange for their own funding), yet do not wish to develop a full credit back office can use our macro processes as-a-service, for a fully operational credit back-office, while deploying their own capital.

Custom turn-key

Captalys will work with large-scale clients to customize a credit product tailored specifically for their business community, by mixing and matching component processes in any order, for a unique user experience. Our clients can create a customized experience for their clients, with absolutely no technology development required.


For clients that wish to generate additional revenue and enhance their product offering, but that do not want their brand associated with providing credit. Referral clients can choose among any of our existing products, with the Captalys’ “in-house” brand and make a fee for referrals.

Fully integrated

Clients that want a totally customized and seamlessly integrated product within their portals can integrate Captalys APIs within their platforms, using their own development resources for a totally unique front-end user experience.


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