Establishing the connections that make credit a common good

Captalys has built a more efficient and transparent private debt supply chain via a suite of digital
technologies that support access to credit by helping to connect professional investors with
portfolios of private credit assets, securely.

Profound changes in technology, financial intermediation and global business models have enabled unusual suspects to enter the lending market as they seek to deepen their relationships with their clients, and investors to access new asset classes as they seek to preserve and grow their capital for their future. Captalys is here to facilitate that change, securely, transparently and efficiently.

Defining Private Debt

The term ‘private debt’ is typically applied to debt investments which are not financed by banks and are not issued or traded in an open market.

Why should institutional investors consider investing in Private Debt funds?

In a low-yield, high volatility investment environment, consistently attractive, non-correlated returns provide a safe and sustainable option to meet future obligations.

Private Debt as a new asset class

Over 54% of institutional investores worldwide have allocations to private debt, and the trend is expected to continue.

The third age of credit

Thoughts on how the lending credit markets will come off age by Nik Milanovic, a TechCrunch contributor.


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